David "Rain" Banta

​Productions and Studios

Join any of our sessions from your cell, tablet, or computer in HD video and stereo audio. No additional software is needed. 

Custom beat-making, top-quality vocal recording, mixing, and gear. Satisfaction guaranteed! Our house's first engineer is an award-winning guitar player/producer.

All of our studios are set up for remote access. Anyone you wish can join the session on a smartphone, tablet, or computer. They'll hear the session in HQ audio and see the session in HQ video

Autotune specialist
We've tried all of the various autotune softwares and at the advice of respected friends we bought the Autotune ATR1A hardware rack mount and it was well worth it. It gives you perfect autotune in your headphones while recording and sounds way better than any of the software versions.
That combined with our top vintage tube vocal mics and analog gear we get an unbeatable vocal sound.

We have an excellent pianist and guitar player both staff engineers

We set up before every session so you can spend your whole time making music.

Past clients
Sony Music, Epic Records, Fox, Capitol Records, Warner Brothers, Bone
Thugs N Harmony, NWA, Tupac and Thug Life, Take That with Robbie
Williams Ollie Gabriel, Tracie Spencer, The Roots,, Johnny P and Do or Die,
Pharcyde etc

Main Equipment
Neve 1073DPX
Neve 33609N
UA 6176 tube channel (Same make and model Adele recorded all of her studio vocals on)
SSL Fusion
Autotune ATR1 Rackmount unit

AKG C12VR was recently rebuilt by John Peluso
AKG C12A vintage microphone. has a Telefunken C12 capsule and a custom Bill Bradley power supply
3 Rode Classic ii Large diaphragm tube condenser microphones.
(Same make and model Adele recorded all of her studio vocals on)
Rode Classic 1 large diaphragm tube condenser mic
A pair of RCA 77Dx ribbon microphones recently rebuilt
A Pair of RCA 74 Ribbon microphones
2 Shure Unidyne 55 microphones.
EV Re20

Shure PGDMK6 Dynamic Drum Mic Kit4 Shure Sm 57s
3 Shure PG 56’s
1 Shure PG52
4 Shure SM57’s
2 Shure SM137’s Small-diaphragm Condenser Microphone
pop filters

Keyboards and Drum Machines

Kimbal 6 foot grand acoustic piano
Akai MPC 2000XL Studio Plus drum machine with all the expansions.
Roland D50
Yamaha DX7
Roland XV 2020
Roland Jv 1010
Roland 5080
Roland 1080
Alesis QS8.2

Speakers and Amps
Yamaha HS8 mixing monitors with matching HS10W sub speaker
2 Yamaha HS7 mixing monitors
Yamaha PM 3500 52 channel large format analog console

Several Guitars and Basses
VOX AC15C1X Alnico Blue Speaker Amp

Cameras and lights

DJI Osmo steady cam shoots in True Ultra HD
4 Batteries, microphone,

2 Sony NX5 Camcorders (Full frame)

Sony FX1 camcorder (Full frame) Just rebuilt

4 JVC Full HD mini camcorders
3, 800 Watt Red Head lights with faders, barn doors, and stands
Pro tripods and mono pods

6 channel headphone mixer
5 pairs of Sony MDR V6 headphones

Computer video monitors
2 Sony 27”

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