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David "Rain"Banta

multi-platinum Billboard #1 charting producer/mixer/pianist

UCLA instructor kpfk FM radio on-air talent/senior producer/board op

“I believe the reason so many people are returning to listening and buying vinyl is not because of the sound of the vinyl. It’s because of the wonderful sounding gear used in the professional recording studios, and the trained engineers

  I spent a decade on 24 track 2” analog reel in the biggest studios in Hollywood before I ever saw a computer recording and so I’ve tried to collect all the great keyboards, drum machines, and microphones from that time period.” -David “Rain” Banta-


AKG C12A vintage microphone. This actual microphone was used by Barbra Streisand and many great singers including Streisand and Celine Dion will only record on this make and model. Our mic has Telefunken C12 capsule and a Bill Bradley power supply (the best there is)

    We have a wonderfulUA 6176  vintage channel stripto go with it which contains maybe the best vocal mic pre and compressor ever the 610 Pre with the 1176LN compressor

Rode Classic ii Large diaphragm tube condenser microphone.
   One of Daves all time favorite vocal mic and it’s wonderful on various instruments too

Rode Classic 1 large diaphragm tube condenser mic(1996)
  Dave’s favorite vocals mic for 20 years until he got the Rode Classic 11 (1999)

A pair of
RCA 77Dx ribbon microphones recently rebuilt from the 1950s. These are the same make and model that Elvis Presley recorded his first 2 albums on.

   One came from CBS radio.TV in New York City and the other from WSM Radio in Nashville the voice of the Grand Ol Opry

A Pair of RCA 74 Ribbon microphones

  These were the workhorse of the radio TV and recording studio industries from the 1930s to the 1950s

    Many famous artists have recorded on this make and model extensively  including Nat King Cole, Ritchie Valens.

     One is from the 1950s that I just had rebuilt and the other (one of my all time favorite classic sounding vocal mics) is from the 1930s and still has all of the original parts. It has a wonder dark warm sound like the old classic albums

 2 Shure Unidyne 55 microphones. Elvis Presley made this microphone make and model famous

 2 vintage RCA 74 Ribbon microphones one form the 30s with all the original parts and one from the 50s

4 Shure Sm 57s
  This is probably the most popular electric guitar and snare drum microphone of all time.
   Eddie Van Halen made this make and model famous by recording all of his electric guitars on it.

2 pop filters
Microphone shield with acoustic foam

Shure PGDMK6 Dynamic Drum Mic Kit

8 boom stands

Shure Drum Microphone Kit

Speakers and Amps

2 Yamaha HS8 mixing monitors

2 Yamaha 80M speakers with matching HS10W sub speakers

Yamaha NS10s Ramsa power amp

Large3 way custom made speakers with 15” woofers

6 pairs of Yamaha NS 10s

Large 3way Kenwood home stereo speakers with matching amp for an addition system to check mixes on.

2 Yamaha PM 3500 large format analog consoles

1  52 channels 8 are stereo. This console spent 8 years in the theater at Disney World recording live concerts and Fleetwood Mac
tok this actual console on 3 concert tours and recorded all their shows through it

2  52 channels 4 are stereo. This console spent it’s whole life nonsmoker free environment and is in mint condition.

Soundcraft Spirit FX16  16 channel mixer

Behringer 2442
     24 input mixer with built in effects.

 Furman Power Conditioner

TC ElectronicsG Force multi-effects unit

4 modified
Blue “Tube” Tube microphone Pre Amps
DBX 266 XL Stereo analog compressor
 48 channel analog balanced patch bays

4 Alesis ADAT XTs  Silver

      each has less than 5 hours on the heads we use them for converters mainly

Alesis BRC
(Big Remote Control)

4 Alesis LRCs (Little Remote Control

Keyboards and Drum Machines

Akai MPC 2000XL Studio Plus drum machine with all the expansions. (mid 1990s)

    I chose this model because the last time I worked in the studio with NWA this was the drum machine they had me call and rent

Roland D50  

   Teddy Riley said he used this make and model on Michael Jackson’s “Bad” and “Dangerous” albums. This is in like new condition from
themid 90s

Triton Taktile 25
    This keyboard has all of the 512 amazing sounds of the triton keyboard. It has a wonderful controller with pads. This is my favorite pads for programming drums

Yamaha DX7
    Same make and model used by Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, and Wham on “Last Christmas” Michael Jackson “Remember the Time” used the DX7 heavily

Roland XV 2020
    The smaller version of the ever so popular Roland 5080. Without a doubt my favorite pianos, strings etc

Roland Jv 1010
The smaller version of the ever so popular Roland 1080

Alesis QS8.2
   Full size fully weighted keyboard with my all time favorite organs and fat basses. I use this actual keyboard heavily when I made Flesh N Bone’s solo album “Blaze of Glory”

M-Audio Venom Synthesizer
My favorite synth! Excellent for producing music DJ style. Ableton users find this synth easy to use and program

M-Audio Radium 49

     Key midi controller with 8 faders and 8 knobs

Roland OctaPad midi controller

MOTU programmable MIDI patch bay

Roland Midi switcher

MIDI Controllers

Radikal technologies Midi controller

     with 8 moving faders

2 M-audio 1x1usb midi interfaces

1 USB 2.0 Midi hub with 7 ports

1 See2 Xtreme USB to DVi adapter

Music stand

High powered new air-conditioning in all the rooms

Cameras and lights

DJI Osmo steady cam

 shoots in True Ultra HD

    4 Batteries, microphone,

2 Sony NX5 Camcorders (Full frame)

  Shoot to hard drives 24 hours of full HD time without swapping chips. Chips can be swapped while shooting

     External mounted microphones

Sony FX1 camcorder

(Full frame) Just rebuilt

JVC Full HD mini camcorders

800 Watt RedHead lights

with faders, barn doors, and stands

Pro tripods and 
mon pods

Patio for smoking 8 chairs

6 channel headphone mixer

5 pairs of Sony MDR V6

Computer monitors

Big Studio

2 Sony 40”

2 Dell 27”

19” Dell

The studio computer uses 3 screens for more fully discrete mixing

People can skype etc right into the sessions on any screen





Coffee maker

Small Studio

(tracking, video editing room)

PC Tower with 2 dual core Xeon processors and a 32” and 19” dual screen set up.
INstalled are Sony vegas 12, Cubase, Ableton 9, speakers shure

Yamaha Ns10 speakers and 2 way stereo speakers

U Verse cable and wifi with 80 meg upload and download speed. Landline connection 1 Gig download

40”and and 2 27” Tvs with Uverse cable in all the rooms


2 PC computer towers with 2 dual core Xeon processors and 16 gigs of RAM.

3 Dell Inspiron laptops 17” screens Dual core with 6 gigs ofRAm  

Dellinspiron laptops 17” screen quad core with 8 gigs of RAM

External Drives

1 3 terabyte

2 500 meg portable drives

1 750gig
seagate drive

2 16 gig thumb drives

50 foot snake

connected to the large console has 16 XLR mic inputs, 4 stereo returns for headphones and speakers

Drum tracking room

with excellent sound almost no parallel walls, green screened

additional isolation booth

for guitar amp etc

Motu 896 mkIII soundcard

M-Audio Fast Track Pro

Pro Tools M Box

Universal Audio UAD2 quad card and 3 UAD solo cards

Cubase 8

Pro tools 10

Ableton 9

Reason 5

Channel strips

Neve 88RS


SSL G-Channel, Waves

SSL Duende


Urei Black Face 1176s (UAD)

DBX 160s (UAD)

Teletronix® LA-2A Classic Leveling Amplifier (UAD)

Fairchild® 670 Compressor (UAD)

Teletronix® LA-3A Classic Audio Leveler (UAD)

Neve® 33609 (UAD)





Harrison 32C Channel EQs (UAD)

Manley Massive Passive EQ (UAD)

Neve 1073 Classic Console EQ (UAD)

Neve 1081 Classic Console EQ Plug-Ins (UAD)

Helios Type 69 vintage EQ (UAD)

Pultec Pro EQ (UAD)

API 550A

API 550B

API  560

PuigChild 660 & 670

PuigTec EQP-1A

API 2500

Master Buss Compressors

SSL G SeriesUaudio

Cytomic Glue

SSL Waves F Buss

SSL Duende


EMT 250

Lexicon 224

Overloud Breverb 2

Realverb Pro

EMT 140 Classic Plate Reverberator (UAD)


Roland Space Echo (

Cooper Time Cube (

Audio EaseDubstation


Roland® Dimension D Plug-In

BOSS® CE-1 Chorus Ensemble Plug-In

Lexicon PSP 42

Special Processing

Moog® Multimode Filter / Multimode Filter SE Plug-In

Little Labs® IBP Phase Alignment Tool

SPL® Transient Designer Plug-In



speaker phone


Auto tune


Cubase 6


abbey road

EMI RS127 and RS135 EQ

plugin is an authentic emulation of the compressor

avox bundle Chris Lord Algejjp  focusrite sound toys sonalksis

Amplitude 2 and 3

Guitar rig 3

Uaudio powered plug ins

Car stereos with Kenwood andSub woofer in trunk to check

Radio desk with 5 desktop boom stands

6 Sentry studio headphones

Peavey RQ 100 12 channel mixer

Behringer Eurorack MX602A 6 channel mixer

19” Flat screen


BSR stereo frequency analyzer

Convenient location near fast food and grocery storesand and
real nice motel walking distance away (usually books 3 week in advance) (You can remove this it’s a idea)

Bus lines 90 and 91 come from downtown LA almost to our door

Convenient parking