David "Rain" Banta

​Productions and Studios

Join any of our sessions from your cell, tablet, or computer in HD video and stereo audio. No additional software is needed. 

Main equipment

Neve 1073 DPX, Neve 33609 N, Avalon 737sp tube channel, UA 610 ii tube channel, UA 6176 tube channel, La2a, 1176LN, La3a’s matched pair (Vintage), Autotune ATR1a Rackmount unit, 4 VLA modified stereo tube compressors, Roland Dimension D analog Chorus, Drawmer 201 gates, DBX 266 XL compressors, TC Electronics G Force multi-effects unit, 48 channel analog balanced patch bays

MOTU programmable MIDI patchbay Roland Midi switcher


AKG C12VR recently rebuilt by John Peluso, AKG C12A vintage microphone has a Telefunken C12 capsule and a custom Bill Bradley power supply, A brand new Peluso P12 Tube Mic, 3 Rode Classic ii Large-diaphragm tube condenser microphones. One of Dave’s all-time favorite vocal mics, Rode Classic 1 large-diaphragm tube condenser mic, A pair of RCA 77Dx ribbon microphones recently rebuilt, A Pair of RCA 74 Ribbon microphones, 2 Shure Unidyne 55 microphones. EV Re 20, Shure PGDMK6 Dynamic Drum Mic Kit, Shure Sm 57s, 3 Shure PG 56’s ,1 Shure PG52, 4 Shure SM57’s 2 Shure SM137’s small-diaphragm Condenser Microphone pop filters

Keyboards and Drum Machines

Kimbal 6 foot grand acoustic piano. Akai MPC 2000XL Studio Plus drum machine with all the expansions. Roland D50. Triton. Yamaha DX7. Roland XV 2020. Roland Jv 1010. Roland 5080. Roland 1080. Alesis QS8.2. M-Audio Venom Synthesizer .Roland OctaPad midi controller

Speakers and Amps 2 sets of  Yamaha HS8 mixing monitors with matching HS10W sub speaker 2 Yamaha HS7 mixing monitors, Yamaha NS10s, Ramsa power amp, Large 3 way custom made speakers with 15” woofers

Yamaha 3 PM 3500 52 channel large format analog consoles, Several Guitars and Basses, VOX AC15C1X Alnico Blue Speaker Amp

Cameras and lights

DJI Osmo steady cam shoots in True Ultra HD 4 Batteries, microphone, 2 Sony NX5 Camcorders (Full-frame) Sony FX1 camcorder (Full-frame) Just rebuilt 4 JVC Full HD mini camcorders 3, 800 Watt Red Headlights with faders, barn doors, and stands, Pro tripods and monopods 6 channel headphone mixer 5 pairs of Sony MDR V6 headphones Computer video monitors 55” and 2 Sony 40”

MOTU programmable MIDI patchbay Roland Midi switcher