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David "Rain"Banta

multi-platinum Billboard #1 charting producer/mixer/pianist

UCLA instructor kpfk FM radio on-air talent/senior producer/board op


    Contact us and please check back


     We have a separate full band tracking room, and vocal booth. We have a wide selection of vintage and legendary microphones.

   We have many keyboards and drum machines .



      Send us your stems and BPM if possible. Contact us for rates


      Send us your unmastered tracks and we'll fix up the sound and send you back.
      For a small fee we  can burn your audio CD for you as well and encode ISRC codes, name. artist, composer. producer. album, style, comments for each song. We can also add the barcode and other info to the audio CD as well. 
   We can also alter the standard 2 second space between songs making the over all album flow better.
     After mastering we'll send you an image file containing all the data  that you can burn audio CDs from on almost any computer. You can also send the image to the duplicator to burn copies from.
      We'll also send you Mp3, Ogg Vorbis, Wave, AIFF and flacs files of all the songs with the data encoded. We'll send you a Digital Distribution Package as well.