Multi-platinum.  14 time Billboard #1 charting. producer/mixer/pianist

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This is the single "Sure" which was a Clive Davis project.  It  was a remix made for the U.S. and we were  originally told it was  only going to be released on Arista in the U.S.  It was also released in Europe and became a huge hit there! 

      Music by Bryan "Wino" Dobbs, music recorded, song edited and final mix by David "Rain" Banta

Their credits include Tupac, NWA, Coolio. Tracie Spencer, and more!

We hope to welcome "Take That" to the U.S. in person!

Bryan also produced this Coolio #1 single in the U.S. and you can see him he plays the fairy godfather with the big hair in this video.

   He produced the music on "Sure"  and 2 other "Take That" singles 

I just spoke to a few of Michael Jackson's biggest producers (They also produced Whitney Houston and more!) All credited!

(Credited on these 3 singles and more) and they told me they would LOVE to talk to "Take That" about the possibility of working with them in the studio call me I'll make the introduction these are long time friends of mine.

We're offering to welcome you to the U.S. as friends!

​The True Story behind "Take That's Mega Hit "Sure"

by Jeni Lynn Allen

     There is no amount of money in the world to give in exchange for the talent and creativity that goes into making a #1 song and #1 selling album on the Billboard charts. And with that respect also comes the validity of knowing your creativity was embraced by listeners. Credit or acknowledgment is sometimes all a musician gets when contributing to an album or single. Credit where credit is due. And when it comes to mixing and mastering, receiving proper credits is most valuable for future business.

      A recent story is relevant here. A client of mine, Dave “Rainman” Banta of www.MultiPlatinums.com who has mixed platinum and gold hit for over 20 years. Having mixed and mastered music all over the world for great artists such as Bone Thugs n Harmony and Sting to just name a few. For him, having a gold or platinum record framed on the wall is very important validation for his future career.  Imagine learning that a song you recorded, mixed, and edited that you put long hours into making sure perfection was achieved, made it to #1 on the Billboard charts in many countries and went double platinum! How exciting. What an accomplishment for everyone involved in the project. And then, imagine learning that same song was given credit to another person?

     That is exactly what happened to Dave Banta, a 20-year seasoned veteran. The #1 hit single "SURE" by Take That of the album release “Nobody Else. "SURE" made #1 on airplay in four countries and remained there in England for 2 weeks. The album was the #1 selling album in 8 countries and the #1 selling album in all of Europe. "I do not feel anyone intentionally left my name off the album. More like the album cover designers didn’t know I did that song." says Dave Banta in a recent interview. “One day I logged into youtube to search for the music video for Take That’s “Sure” thinking there was a different version and I completely blown away to see the radio single and album version of “Sure” was the one I recorded, edited and mixed! Technically the version I did was a remix. They had hired producer Bryan “Wino” Dobbs (of Coolio) to do a “U.S. style R&B remix ” and he booked a studio named “Two Guys from the Valley Studio” in North Hollywood California. I was a client there recording and mixing the Rodney O’ and Joe Cooley album “The Final Chapter” (another album I was not credited on and I did the whole album) I had worked with Wino and Coolio when I was a staff engineer at the legendary studio “Echo sound” so the owner of 2 guys, Baraka, hired me for the session. The label had sent Bryan an acapella vocal from England and he made completely new music to it. This was the days pre-computer recording so I had to use adats and a BRC. I locked up Bryan’s drum machines to the adats and dumped the music on multiple tracks. Then I recorded the vocals to another adat and offset it so the vocals would be on time with the new music. Next we recorded a piano intro ad lib which I recorded to yet another adat and offset it so it would be in the right place to be the intro. After that I mixed it. Then I used 2 adats to edit the arrangement of the song. 

        People who don’t work in the entertainment industry are often surprised to hear that it’s very common for someone to not get credit for their work or to even have someone else’s name on it.  His track was one of three #1 singles on the album ”Nobody Else”. "Sure" went straight in at #1 on the British billboard charts becoming “Take That’s” fifth number one single in all. It remained at #1 two weeks. It’s the first song on “Nobody Else” which was the #1 selling album in 8 countries and became the #1 selling album in all of Europe. It’s certified at double platinum in England and gold in 5 countries.The cut “Sure” was also on the greatest hits album which also was the #1 selling album in 8 countries and the #1 selling album in all of Europe. It’s certified triple platinum in England, and triple platinum in all of Europe, Platinum in Switzerland and Germany, and Gold in Austria, Norway, and Sweden.So what do you do when this happens? From what I hear, it happens often. Research. Research the album producer. Write down all the facts and evidence to prove YOU worked on the song. Notify the producer of the facts and request authorization for obtaining plaques. The facts are the facts and usually there is never an argument. Credit is given and acknowledgments are finalized. IF by chance the label or producers do not agree, an attorney can usually bring the facts to the surface more aggressively.

by Jeni Lynn Allen

   "Take That"

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I'm the engineer who helped greatly to make  your mega hit single "Sure".  If "Sure' is on the 25th please credit me for mixing since I've earned it that would be wonderful!. 4 major hit albums and no credits so far. I recorded the music  and edited it as well!

Also we'd love to invite you to come here and record with us in Hollywood CA. We did make a major hit together here! 

Update! 4/17/16

Dave tells the story of the making of one of Take That's biggest hit singles

"Let me explain to the members of "Take That" how important this is to 
me please (From Dave)
​A few decades ago I lived in Texas and one day I decided to go for it and I sold everything I had, traded my car in on a old custom van and headed to Hollywood. 
  What I couldn't sell I left behind including my house that went into foreclosure and I lost it.
     I ended up spending 10 years, living in that van on the streets of Hollywood in order to be in the studio full time which allowed me to learn and make that single "Sure" that way I did!
       When I made that single "Sure" I was living in a one-room basement with no bathroom 2 miles out on a dirt road in Charles Manson country. I had to drive 2 miles to the nearest restroom!
     When it rained my room filled with 2 feet of water so I had to put my bed on blocks so I could sleep above the water. One night I woke up with a rat on my chest. I did all of this so I could be in the studio full time and learn and make that single the way I did! This is everything I sacrificed and worked for my whole life. 

     I just want to be able to put the plaques and awards I've earned on my walls that's all! Please help!
   " -Dave-