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David "Rain"Banta

multi-platinum Billboard #1 charting producer/mixer/pianist

UCLA instructor kpfk FM radio on-air talent/senior producer/board op

The music we made starts at 3:20

To Mr. Nigel Martin-Smith,

      My name is David “Rain” Banta and in 1994 I recorded, mixed and edited the now megahit by “Take That” “Sure” in the U.S. I believe while you were still their manager
     In 1994 Clive Davis wanted to bring Take That to the U.S. and you guys hired Bryan “Wino” Dobbs to remix 3 of Take That’s songs originally meant for release on Arista Records in the U.S.. Bryan had produced Coolio’s #1 hit “Fantastic Voyage”. I am in touch with Bryan and he can verify I engineered the single “Sure”. Here is a link to an article on my website telling the true story.
     I know that this is putting some people in a very precarious position but I don’t wish to cause anyone any trouble I am just seeking the awards I’ve earned is all. I know that this world is not meant to be fair but if good hearted people like you stand up and do the right thing it can be fair.
     I’m asking you to please come forward and help us get out plaques and awards. All we need is someone to call the plaque company and Billboard and tell them to give us the awards we earned for making one of Europe’s biggest hits Take That’s “Sure”
By the way your new group "Yes Lad" is amazing good luck with that and call us if you need any more remixes
Thank you for your time.
David “Rain” Banta
United States 818 468 5701 

​Skype Name David.Banta

Bryan produced this Coolio #1 single in the U.S. and you can see him he plays the fairy godfather with the big hair in this video

This is the single "Sure" which was a Clive Davis project.  It  was a remix made for the U.S. and we were  originally told it was  only going to be released on Arista in the U.S.  It was also released in Europe and became a huge hit there! 

      Music by Bryan "Wino" Dobbs, music recorded, song edited and final mix by David "Rain" Banta

Their credits include Tupac, Bone Thugs N Harmony, NWA, Coolio. Tracie Spencer, Pharcyde, "Do or Die" and more!